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Our hope is for all men and women to know the true beauty of our human story.  God created us, loves us so much that He became one of us, and desires to be with us forever!


Theology of the Body Cleveland promotes a biblical “vision of human life focused on the mystery of love that reaches from the Trinity, through Christ's spousal relationship with the Church, to the bodies of men and women,” especially as described in Pope Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body (Michael Waldstein, Man and Woman He Created Them, p. 128). Our mission is to share with people the truth of their origin and destiny so that they may live in the freedom of Christ now and forever.




All People in the Diocese of Cleveland




  • Pastors

  • Catechetical Teachers




  • Principals

  • Teachers

  • Students




  • Parents

  • Children




  • Single Men and Women

  • Married Men and Women


All people with a body! 







"There is something I have been avoiding, and your presentation has given me the strength to overcome my fear of becoming more involved in the suffering of a friend." - Anonymous (May 2021) 

"Thank you very much for your sharing. It touched my soul and I learned from your story too. It’s so important to surrender to our Lord and to thank Him for the many opportunities to be His heart and hands for others in worse shape than we are. Also learned to contemplate with Mary in more ways. Will pray for you!" - Anonymous (May 2021) 

"Jen's information is accurate, appropriate, aligns with the religion and health standards, and is presented in a way that students are able to relate to and understand. While I am so glad that Mrs. Ricard is able to come into our classroom, I often find myself taking notes in case I am required to teach these standards on my own at some point! I highly recommend this program and am so grateful for Mrs. Ricard!" - Gina Cavileer (April 201) 

Image by Alexis Brown
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