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Poustinia March 2024 (3).png
Mar 08, 2024, 6:30 PM
Loyola Retreat House, Green, OH

Since you have already learned many basic TOB themes, it is time for you to put those beliefs into practice! Knowing that in our sacramental lives, the physical reveals the spiritual, Poustinia Retreat is an opportunity to go into the desert (Poustinia mean “desert” in Russian) where the altered physical environment can have a great spiritual effect. Being stripped of many physical comforts such as phones, music, books (other than the Bible), interaction with others, and our usual meals, we gain greater access to our deeper need for the Lord. The simplicity of the Poustinia retreat removes many distractions while providing dedicated time to be led in prayer and grow in knowledge of his voice with more confidence and trust.

financial assistance available - please email for details

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