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Now that you heard an overview of TOB during the religion curriculum roll-out, you have a chance to take the next step. As you dive deeper into the content of TOB you will be able to witness to the truth in your own life. Not only will you become better equipped to share TOB with your students, you can also earn CEU’s as part of your professional development.


Since your children will be learning TOB, which has been integrated into the Diocese of Cleveland K-8 religion curriculum, this is your chance to learn it, too! You know your children best, therefore know how to best communicate the application of TOB throughout their development. Learning TOB will help you guide your children to uphold their dignity and pursue virtue.


Many people who study TOB describe the experience as life-changing. This is because TOB provides a way to view reality which speaks to the deepest desire of our hearts, to love and be loved like Christ loves. This class will put you on the path to discover God’s plan for your life, now and forever.

Hear 4 Different Talks About:

1. What is TOB and why is it so important?

2. The Creation and Redemption of Man & Woman

3. Resurrection of the Body & Celibacy for the Kingdom

4. The Sacrament of Marriage & the Language of Sexual Union

Are you a Diocese Parish or School Catechist? 

The Diocese of Cleveland has received a donation to help support the training for parish and school catechists in the Theology of the Body.  This message is truly a wonderful lens to raise up the dignity of the human person and how all people are made in the image and likeness of God.  This truth is essential and a wonderful gift to the church and world.  

In partnership with Theology of the Body Cleveland, there is an opportunity for a 50% discount for 

Enter “diocese” into the coupon code when registering for your One Day Course below to receive the benefit. 

Teachers and catechists may also receive .5 CEU’s.  

(Catholic school teachers, parish catechists and faith formation leaders,

use code "DIOCESE" for 50% scholarship provided by the diocese)

if you would like to bring a one day course to your school or parish, email jen ricard to schedule today!

financial assistance available - please email for details

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